New Features

  • Panorama – Takes 8 photos in 360° for auto-stitching (Single or double height)
  • Time Lapse Photo – Using the Typhoon H for mapping and image-stitching is now easier than before thanks to the new Time Lapse Photo feature
  • Trim Pad Camera Function – You can now set-up the right Trim pad to select the camera functions
  • Trim Pad Cruise Control – Use the left Trim pad to set the automatic pace of a flight without needing constant stick input – freeing up your hands to allow for more intricate shots
  • Burst Photo Mode – Don’t miss the critical moment with Burst Photo mode functionality
  • Histogram – Help achieve perfect exposure levels by switching on the Histogram overlay
  • Metering Mode – Take control of your exposure by adjusting the Metering mode to suit your scene
  • DNG and JPEG Dual format – Capture both formats simultaneously
  • Curve Cable Cam (CCC) – Now use an online mapping solutions* to create Flight paths with Waypoints and Camera control
  • RealSense Range Meter – Displays distance between the aircraft and object, with the ability to set a distance alert
  • Screen Shot – Capture a screenshot of the ST16 for flight records and support
    -** Motor LED lights** – Ability to switch the LED lights On/Off
  • Dual band Redundancy – A New safety and redundancy feature allows the Typhoon H to automatically switch the operational control to its 5.8GHz frequency in the event of signal loss on 2.4GHz
  • OTA Updates – Ability to update the Typhoon H and ST16 Over The Air
  • Latest Flight Control – Improved performance and stability
  • Update now


Gebruik deze link  https://yuneecpilots.com/threads/how-to-get-h-plus-telemetry-files.13401/ Indien je de telemetrie van je drone wil bekijken Maak een folder aan op je bureeaublad en kopieer (opgelet niet wissen!!!) de files .

If you need to get the telemetry files for your H Plus using a computer.

1] Turn on your ST-16s and wait for it to fully boot up

2] Use the supplied USB cable to connect the ST-16s controller to a computer

3] Click on ‘Start’ then ‘My Computer and you will see the Portable device as shown below – (anzhen4_mrd7_w) – Click it


4] The hard Drive of the Device will be shown as below – Click it.


5] A List of File Folders will be shown, click on the one named “Flight2Log File Folder”


6] The Telemetry Files will Be shown in four separate folders: Remote, Remote GPS, Sensor and Telemetry


If you’re on a Mac first download Android File Transfer then follow @Ty Pilot instructions

Android File Transfer

H 520




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